FIWE – Financial Independence Week Europe – Let’s Make It Happen!

We’re planning a Financial Independence Week in Europe. These are the thoughts/plans we have so far…

We started this blog to get to know the FIRE community all around the world. Since we live in Germany, we are especially interested in the community on this side of the ocean.

We hear about so many meetups and conferences in the US (FinCon, Chautauqua, other Mustachian meetups) and now it’s time for us Europeans to get together!

First, we’d like to start with a brainstorming week in mid 2016

We’d like get some European FI bloggers together in  Budapest in a small group (maybe 10-15 tops) to:

  • Get to know each other
  • Brainstorm about how a European FI week could look and how we want to do it
  • See who wants to get involved in organising it and how
  • Enjoy and eat ourselves through the city
  • Generally have great time with no fixed agenda!

Here’s the post for FIWE 2016 with details and participants

Our rough plans for 2017 

  • Organise a 1-2 week meetup or small conference type of thing in Budapest or Stuttgart
  • Have an agenda, presentations, workshops, discussions
  • Plan in enough free time as well to explore the place
  • We’ll organise an affordable, nice location with accomodation for all of us
  • We’d like to see bloggers, people who already reached FI, people who are on the way and people who are interested and want help
  • Maybe invite relevant guest speakers/professors/experts in the field depending on the topic of the meetup
  • Limit the number of participants  (20-25?) so that we all get to know each other and have a great time
  • It should be a community-building and teaching event as well

Application process:

  • We don’t want to make it commercial – it should be accessible to everybody (everybody will pay their own expenses, including speakers).
  • Anyone interested can submit a short video or text where they describe their situation, what help they need, how they can contribute to the community and why they’d like to participate.
  • Participants should be selected by the organising comittee.

Our main goals for this meetup:

  • Build a community
  • Learn from each other (i.e. through case studies)
  • Inspire and be inspired
  • Discuss EU-specific  FI topics/tools/techniques

All these are obviously just rough plans, but we wanted to share them with you to see whether anybody is interested and to have a discussion about it in the comments section.

Why Budapest? 

  • It’s an amazing and inexepensive city.
  • It’s accessible from anywhere in Europe. You can fly/drive there easily from anywhere.
  • We know it, we love it, we can’t get enough of it!
  • The food there is just mindblowing.
  • There’s just so much to see and do there.

We’re going to keep posting updates on this, so if you’re interested, don’t forget subscribe to our list.

What do you think? Would you like to participate? What are your thoughts on our initial plans?


  • Hey there,

    What a good idea that is!
    I’ve had some super duper secret plan to launch an event here in Europe but, somehow thankfully, I didn’t do it this year else I wouldn’t have had any life anymore due to such workload I need to assume these days (work that I love btw).

    Anyway, two points from my side:
    * I think it would be great to make this event a moving one, yearly, from one European city to another. This way, you get to discover your continent w/ having fun w/ like-minded people. Obviously it should be frugal destination everytime 😉
    * Although one week sounds cool (and the FIWE name that goes with it too ;)), for many of us still looking forward to reaching FIRE + with kids, I think it would be already great to start with a week-end

    I don’t know about my engagement in such an event organization. On the one hand I would be super interested. On the other hand, I would need to make sure about what I commit looking at how hard it is for me to find time these days…

    Let me know about your feedbacks 😉

    Cheers from CH!

    • 1. yes, we want to do it in other cities. Since we have 2 kids though, we need to work out logistics. We have 3 countries in mind that can work for us. But hey…let’s start with 1 🙂 I have bad news for you though: I don’t think any swiss city is on the list of frugal places :((
      2. that’s true. In 2016 it’s just about a bloggers meetup. We just settle down in Budapest for a week and people can come for as many days as they want. Just thinkin’ aloud.
      3. fully understand. Spreading the word is allready a big help. In 2016 ther’s not much to organise anyway. In 2017 you’re going to be FI allready (if you get your shit together 🙂 ) so you have more time for fun stuff!!

      • 1. Obviously for CH ;P
        2. Good solution so everyone can make it!
        3. Ahahaha yeah, I forgot we would be FI. That’s gonna work out then ;P
        Cheers mate!

  • Ms. Canadian Expat

    I also second that this is a great idea. From reading the FIRE blogs and forum posts, it sometimes feels like a North American-only party! While I can’t 100% promise that we can make it to the event, my husband and I are without children so are fairly flexible in that regard. Basically, we will try our best to make it out. Maybe I can help with planning too! 🙂

    • Welcome Ms. Canadian Expat! You’re right, americans are far ahead in this area too. At the same time I am convinced, there’s a big community in Europe as well. We just need to find them and get them together! That’s one of our goals.

  • Emma Plays with Fire

    Wow, what an amazing idea. I would love to get involved with the 2017 event. It can get a bit US-centric over at mmm. If it turned out to be a 2 week event perhaps one week could be focused on those already FIRE so that the rest of us can take less time off work? I’d also really like to see more of Budapest or other affordable cities as I’m not going to retire to London!

    • Hey Emma! Keep an eye on our blog, we’ll keep posting news about it. Do you live in London? Tell us about yourself…
      Thanks for your input. Could be an idea, but i think it would make a lot of sense if people on the way to FI would meet people allready FI. What do you think?

      • Emma Plays with Fire

        Hey Mr W, I work in London but live in Cambridgeshire (around 125 km north). London is amazing, but expensive. There’s loads of free stuff to do that you can’t do anywhere else, but the day to day costs of travel and rent are really expensive. I’m an engineer in my early 30s, I like cities with rivers and dislike going to work in the dark.
        I didn’t explain that very well; I definitely want to speak to people already FI, but it would be difficult for me to get two weeks off work, but probably easier for those FI. There are some topics (say managing paid work and insourcing) that would be most relevant to preFires, and some that would be relevant to everyone (like investing). If it was possible to gather all the preFire topics on one week, they would be better attended if there are lots of people like me. If not then no worries!

  • amber tree

    Good action you take here. A blogger meetup is something that crossed m mind once or twice and then left. A 2016 blogger meetup sounds something I would try to attend. What is the best way to stay informed? (I added you already to my RSS feed)

    The 2017 plans are ambitious and that is ok. Not sure what kind of commitment I could take for that.

    • hey! if you use Facebook, add me and i’ll add you to the closed/secret FIWE facebook group. I will send important information on email to the participants as well, So just send me an email.

  • Dummerchen

    Looking for 2017 when people apart from the “professional bloggers” may join your meetups. Even though I’m not whole-heartedly following the FI/RE road, I would be interested to participate.

    • hey Mr Chief FI-Blog-Commenter! 🙂 I would be very happy to see you at FIWE sooner rather than later. Thanks for stepping by and looking forward to hearing more from you in the comments!

      • Dummerchen

        Well, Mr.W, my English is a bit rusty. Therefore I will not write my notorious long comments here, hooray ;-). Whenever I write a comment, I try to add some benefit – I really don’t like these “Great article!” comments with no additional value at all. Using this foreign language makes it a bit more difficult for me. But be assured, I will regularly step by and check what you are doing here. I guess I could learn quite a lot from your entrepreneurical skills.

        Greetings to the Schwabenländle from the Badner Land,

        • you’re absolutely right! We want proper comments!
          English and German are both foreign languages for me so stop whining and feel free to make mistakes 🙂

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