• theFIREstarter

    Great Idea here guys! Thanks for dropping me a message about it.
    I would be 100% in from the get go but we are having a baby around the end of March, so I think it’s best if I can wait to see how that is panning out before fully commiting.

    On that note, are partners (and babies) invited? 🙂

    If the places all get taken up before I can commit then no worries of course, that’s just my bad luck.

    Thanks again!

    • Hey! Thanks for your message! It’s great news you’re having a baby! We have 2 as well but we’re going to leave them with the grandparents (at least that’s the plan).
      An idea for you would be to bring the grandparents as well, book an airbnb somewhere close for them and be very very nice to them so that they take care of the baby a few hours a day.
      Anyway. First have the baby, enjoy the time, then, when june is close, you can still decide and let us know short notice. I wish you all the best and good start in life for the FIRE baby! Mr W

  • I like that idea. Sadly it’s most likely, that I can’t participate in June :-(.

    • i’ll let you know if anything changes in the dates. It is likely.

  • I’d be interested in coming! Depends on the date though. Since I’m the only single guy in the office I’m the one who gets to man the fort throughout the summer months when everyone else is enjoying their holidays. 🙂

    Keep me posted!

    • Ive just sent you an email!