Announcing FIWE 2017 – Apply Now!

We’re really excited to finally be announcing FIWE 2017! We’ve been promising it for a while now, but here it finally is – everything you need to know!

This year’s event will be held in Timisoara, western Romania. The main conference will take place over a weekend (Friday 15th – Sunday 17th September). The real enthusiasts can then stay on until Thursday 21st for FIWE Extra. This is going to be a smaller, more informal event with an emphasis on hanging out and taking trips.

Maybe Romania seems like wild, uncharted territory to some of you, but it has a lot to offer. We’re going to make sure you see all the best bits the region has to offer.

We’ve been working really hard over the last few weeks bashing out the details and getting the venue organised. The main details are now in place and we’re pleased to announce that we finally have a framework for the event.

What Are You Waiting For? Apply Now!

It’s turning out to be a lot of fun organising this event. We hope you’re as excited about it as us. We have a vision of bringing together a small but diverse group of like-minded people for a full-on weekend of FI, lifestyle design, minimalism. Don’t miss out! The application process is open now and we’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Here are all the details about FIWE 2017!

  • Yeaaaaaah I can’t wait I can’t wait!!

    • are you sure you can afford it? Make sure you rise your savings rate mate! 🙂

      • I’ll do my best, I’ll sell my house 🙂

  • Julia (Finanzblogleserin)

    I would love to take part! Last time it was only for FI-bloggers, this time you have a broader approach, that’s great.
    It would be awesome to meet and discuss with you guys, and other interesting and inspiring people like Mr. RIP, Ex-Studentin and Oliver (Frugalisten) as I follow your and all of their blogs for quite a while now.

    I also have an idea what I could present at the conference (or if it doesn’t fit in the programm, share my experiences in the informal part). It’s about a minimalistic/frugal lifestyle with a great touch of luxury – in a community/shared house.

    Now I only need to figure out this application video thing. Never filmed myself!

    • Hi! And wlecome to the Blog. You don’t have to preset something but it would be great. You can just film yourself with yopur phone and upload it to your private youtube channel or just send a video somehow do us (dropbox link?). Let me know if you need help. We can have a skype chat and help you. Looking forward to your video!

    • Hi Julia,
      We just opened up the application process to e-mail applications too – it seemed that a lot of people were too shy to make a video, or maybe it was just too much hassle 😉 Anyway, we’d love for you to apply, by e-mail or video. Women are definitely in the minority at the moment among the applicants, so it would be nice to have more applications from women!

  • This is such a good opportunity to visit Romania, I’m glad you set FIWE there even though we can’t make it again. 🙁 We’ll be attending a wedding in Montenegro at that exact time (Sept 16), but if you and the fam have interest in heading to the coast of Montenegro, we’re staying in Tivat for the whole September and happy to finally meet in person. All the best for FIWE #2!

    • Ah…sorry you can’t make it. Montenegros sounds like a really good plan. I’d rellay like to make it there. Let’s keep in touch!

      • The accomodation in Tivat area can be $$$, but we’re renting a flat through Airbnb so maybe there’s a way to host through that. We’ll need to see it in person first, but yes, let’s keep in touch!

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