Financial Independence and Finance Blogs in Germany:


Madame MoneyPenny:, lives in Berlin, self employed, runs a cool online business and blogs about financial independence for women. Language: de.

ankurgargsimplelife ( an Indian guy who has been living in the Munich area of Germany since 2003. He’s FI and blogs about general life experiences. Language: English

Sauerkraut und Zaster ( Alexandra is a mathematician from Berlin on the way to FI. Language: German

Auf Heller und Pfennig A family on the way to FI (southern Germany). Language: German

Frugalisten:, Oliver is a german programmer (27) from Bremen living in the UK now. He realised, there’s a better life than working 9to5 so he decided to become FI before his 40th birthday. Language: German

Finanzrocker:, Language: German

Finanzwesir:, Language: German

Pfennigmillionär:, Language: German

Exstudentin:, Language: German

Finanzglück:, german guy from Frankfurt area who wonds some real estate and invests in ETFs. On the way to financial independence. Language: German

VeganNomads: ( canadian german digital and vegan nomads who quit their jobs and will start traveling the world while doing some freelance jobs and starting a startup. Language: English

Erfolgreich Sparen:, Language: German

Aktien mit Kopf:, YouTube channel,  Language: German

FinanzTraum:, Language: German

Freiheitsmaschine: A german guy who lives in the US and reached FI.

Woodpecker ( a guy from Munich in his mid 30s with 2 kids on his way to FI. Language: English

FrauFrugal:, a student and minimalist. Her goal is to achieve FI before her 40th birthday

Der Couponschneider:, Language: German

Finanzielle Freiheit mit Dividenden:, Language: German

Frei mit 42:, Language: German

Klunkerchen:, Language: German

mafis:, Language: German

myMoneyMind:, Language: German

Rente mit Dividende:, Language: German

Der Privatier:, Language: German

Dividenden-Sammler:, Language: German

Arme Charlie:, Language: German

Finanzielle Freiheit Passives Einkommen:, Language: German

Projekt: Millionär:, Language: German

Klug Gehamstert:, Language: German

Finanzdurchblick:, Language: German

Jens Jäger:, Language: German

Financial Zen:, Language: German

MrFireGuy: Language: German