What We’ve Learned from a Year of Blogging

WLCB is one year old! Well, actually it’s one year and one month old, but never mind. I had hoped to publish this post on October 8th, exactly one year to the day since we launched our little blog. But then life got in the way, as it’s wont to do. But one thing I’ve learned over the last year is not to beat myself up about not posting often enough. I don’t worry about keeping to a schedule and producing content for content’s sake – I write what I want to write about when I want to write about it, otherwise blogging would become a chore. As soon as I feel pressured to do something, I don’t enjoy it any more. That would come across in my writing as well. If you’re not 100% behind what you’re writing, it gets boring and doesn’t really get its message across effectively. So I just go with the flow and have fun with what I write.

Another thing I’ve come to realise is that bloggers’ lives aren’t as perfect as they sometimes seem to be – we don’t know everything and we’re constantly experimenting and optimising like everyone else. I used to think that the people who wrote blogs were some kind of life gurus who had it all figured out and were letting us mere mortals in on their secrets bit by bit. Now I’ve realised that anyone can start a blog and you don’t have to have some kind of secret knowledge to impart. We just write about what’s on our minds and put it out there to stimulate discussion. Often when I write I’m not providing a fully-formed solution to some kind of problem, but presenting a topic the way I see it and inviting people to give me their take on it. I find the whole thing far more interesting when different people give their viewpoints on something. It’s more interactive than just writing a monologue into cyberspace and never hearing anything back.

The best thing about starting WLCB has been getting to know so many like-minded people, both bloggers and non-bloggers, FI people and non-FI people. It’s really encouraging to know that there are so many of you out there because it’s difficult to find people in our immediate environment to talk about this stuff with. We’ve had brilliant Skype conversations with a great bunch of people from lots of different countries and our dream of creating a Europe-wide network of like-minded people is looking like it could actually become a reality. A huge thanks to all of you (you know who you are) for making this past year so much more fun.

The highlight of the blogging year was definitely FIWE 2016 in Budapest – it was fantastic to be able to turn a mad idea like that into reality and we’re very grateful to all the people who were crazy enough to get on a plane (or train) and come to a foreign city to meet a bunch of strangers off the Internet. Here’s to many more meetups in the future, and especially to FIWE 2017, which we’re planning right now.

This is a nifty little infographic I put together to tell the story of our blog’s first year in statistics:

one year blogging


A word from Mr W on some stats

You might have already noticed that I have a thing with numbers (not with maths, just numbers) and this post would not be complete without the basic analytics numbers. So far we had:

  • 13.000 unique visitors
  • 26.000 visits
  • 51.000 page impressions

Of course it’s impossible to know how many individual people read our blog because people use different devices but I suspect that number should be between 8-10.000.  Also it’s not really possible to know how many people found our blog interesting but I’m optimistic and hope that number is north of 1000.

One thing I’m sure about: many people didn’t find the information they expected to find when visiting our blog. Why do do I know that for sure? I had a look at the keywords in search console!

Here are my favorites:

  • everything is bullshit: Ok. Somebody is depressed. But what exactly is he/she expecting to find when googling this?
  • what your life could be in clouds: Why does anybody search for this? Did somebody start a community in the clouds and I don’t know about it? Drugs involved?
  • balance is bullshit: is it?
  • what do i need in my life: how the fuck should I or anybody else know that? Ah…or you’ve just heard of minimalism, fell in love with it and don’t know what to throw out of the window?
  • you need to be happy: absofuckinglutely!
  • extinguished guest: did you just kill your guest and don’t know what to do next? yeah…ask Google! That must be the logical next step…
  • minimalism is bullshit: Alright. And you now have a deep urge to tell that secret to Google? Why?
  • what do i need to do in my life: I can tell you that: the single biological purpose of life is to have as much sex as possible to produce as many healthy kids as possible. Woo-hoo baby! Let the fertility be with you!
  • my life is bullshit: sorry to hear that man…I’m sure Google will find the right solution for that…
  • everything in life is bullshit: is our blog really that negative?
  • why is life such bullshit: again?!
  • therapy is bullshit: Thanks for sharing that!
  • how to become a slave to someone: somebody has some really, really nasty dreams…
  • slave to my daughter: me too man.. and I have no idea how to free myself…


Why does our blog show up for these search phrases? Looks like we’re reaching a good number of depressed people. I hope we can give them some hope in life though…

Anyway, I had a lot of fun reading through them and trying to imagine why people are typing these things into Google. Maybe I shouldn’t think about it so much… 🙂

So What’s Next?

Mrs W: This year we have quite a few exciting projects in the pipeline, both personally and as far as the blog goes. Some big life changes are on the horizon which we’ll be telling you about soon, and we also have some big ideas for the blog. Now we just need to find (and make) the time to make them a reality. It’s going to be an interesting year, hope you come along for the ride!

Mr W: And to make the comments section a bit fun, I’d like to ask you to pick one or more search phrases from above and try to tell why that person searched for it. Looking forward to the comments!