A Book About Financial Freedom

Last summer during FIWE 2016 in Budapest we had the pleasure of meeting Gisela Enders, one of the wonderful women behind the blog Klunkerchen. She told us about a book project she was working on. She wanted to collect the stories of people who had already reached the holy grail of FI. At that point she was in the process of searching out potential interviewees and asking them to share their stories. We were honoured when she asked us if she could interview us as well.

We had a lot of fun answering Gisela’s interview questions. They really made us reflect on our answers and try to explain things simply and concisely. Well, we failed on the concisely part…badly. Once we get started, there’s no stopping us.

We’re happy to announce that the book is finally here! Gisela was kind enough to send us an advance copy, which we both quickly devoured. Mr W doesn’t read books. Ever. So it’s a big thing that he read this book right to the end.

So What’s It All About?

The book starts off with a very well-explained introduction to the whole concept of FI. It sets out all the basics from what FI means to why anyone would ever want to become FI. Gisela also considers what happens after FI and examines really important points like alternative ways of deriving your sense of self-worth and reflecting on how you can use your time in the best way possible to not only get the most out of your financially free life, but also how you can best give back to society so as not to waste your knowledge and talents once you’re no longer part of the rat race. These are things we’ve discussed often on this blog and they are absolutely central to happiness after FI.

The prospect of spending the next 50 or so years lying on the sofa watching daytime TV doesn’t sound very appealing, but it’s also what a lot of people imagine when they first hear about FI. That’s why I would also recommend giving this book to any friends or family members who’re having a difficult time understanding what this whole FI thing is about and who worry about you for trying to achieve it. This is a finance book without all the jargon and scary equations. Gisela makes the whole subject very approachable and not at all overwhelming.

The second part of the book contains the interviews with nine very different FI individuals/couples. I found it fascinating to read about how everyone reached FI at different times, in different ways and with completely different life situations. It puts paid to the whiny excuses people make about why FI won’t work for them. It may take a little longer depending on your circumstances, but if you really want it you’ll find a way to make it happen.

In the final part of the book, Gisela interviews some of our fellow bloggers such as Oli and Mr RIP who are currently on their way to FI. It’s interesting to see how they approach their goals and they offer a different perspective on the topic.

Sounds Great, So How Do I Get a Copy?

The e-book is already available on Amazon for €9.99, but for all you bargain hunters out there, you can get it for €4.99 from February 20th – 26th. Here you go:

(this is an Affiliate Link. For every purchase we get a bit of money. 100% of this income is going to be donated to children homes in Transylvania and we’re going to write about that on this blog)

If you prefer an old-school paper version, you can pre-order it at www.finanziell-freie-Menschen.de. It will be available for a special price of €12.90 until March 3rd, after which it will cost €14.90.

But the Book’s in German. Scheisse!

Don’t worry, there are rumours of an English translation in the pipeline, so watch this space…