– The Shiny New Home for All Things FI in Europe

It’s been just over two years since we started blogging. In that time we’ve met a fair number of really interesting people. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’ve made some true friends in this European financial independence community.

During our time as bloggers we’ve seen the community grow a lot. Many people from all over Europe have started blogging about their path to FIRE and about all the geo-arbitrage possibilities that Europe has to offer. These blogs are a really good source of insights into how to optimise spending and investments within Europe.

It became clear to us shortly after we started blogging that this community needs a home. A home in the form of a portal where people can connect with one another and find all the relevant information in a structured format in one place. We even reserved a domain back then but we never actually got round to launching the site.

During our first proper European FI conference this summer we finally started working on it along with four of the participants. Now, two months later, we’re finally ready to share it  with the greater public. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you

What will you find on

  • Blog Articles: All the recent interesting articles from English-language blogs from all over Europe collected into a single feed. The articles are handpicked by the respective country ambassadors. This way people can discover new blogs and stay up to date just by subscribing to the RSS feed.
  • Wiki: This is a place to collect / crowdsource all sorts of relevant information that could help people become better informed and learn about becoming financially independent sooner.
  • Events: More and more people are starting to organise real-life meetups to talk about FIRE. From local meetups to international conferences like FIWE, this page should ideally list them all. If you know about one we missed, please tell us and we’ll add it.
  • Blogroll: We’re in the process of collecting all the relevant blogs from the community and categorising them by language and country. Have a look – you’ll be surprised how many there are already.

Who runs it and how?

The idea is to have (one or more) country ambassadors for each country who are mainly responsible for adding country-specific content such as articles, blogs and events. Most countries don’t have an ambassador yet, so if you want to volunteer yourself please feel free.

The country ambassadors also act as a point of contact for the community in their country. You can contact your country ambassador with questions, suggestions, events, blogs, and articles. We’re looking forward to your messages!

What about ads and money?

This portal is not for profit – we don’t want to make any money out of it. If in the future we put ads or affiliate links on it we’ll to communicate that clearly and the income will be donated to a specific charity or cause.

How can I get involved and help?

Now over to you…

Please go and check out the site and let us know what you think. What do you like / dislike about it? Are there any features you think are missing? How would you improve it?

Logo Competition

We don’t have a logo yet…well, we have a quick&dirty one, but we’re asking you, the community to design and send us suggestions.

Of course it would be easier to leave it as it is, or pay a fiver and get it done, but we think it’s much more original if somebody from the community would do it.

So if you’re talented in this field, we’re looking forward to your logo suggestions!

And remember: it’s your portal – have fun  with it!