What Life Could Be on German Radio

Hey folks, this week we were interviewed on German national radio (1Live) about how we reached FI.
I talked about how over 20 years you can save so much money by not having a car that you can reach FI more than 7 years earlier and how you can move your FI date forward by many more years by not smoking, not drinking soda or bottled water, not wasting food and not buying an iPhone every other year.

Part 1: 


Part 2: 

In the second part, one of the hosts asked the sarcastic question “…wenn man da noch Spaß hat?” EN: “Can you still have fun doing that?”

What do you think? Can you still enjoy life if you don’t own a car? If you don’t smoke and don’t drink sugary drinks or bottled water? If you don’t waste food? Or if you don’t buy a used iPhone every other year?