February Challenge: Frugal February

Frugal February large exp

Another month, another challenge. Now that we’ve successfully completed our Month of Minimalism challenge, it’s time to set ourselves a new challenge: Frugal February.

This month we’ll be forcing ourselves to think about everything we buy. Once a week we’ll post a full list of everything we’ve spent, and comment on whether each item was worth it or not.

The Aim of the Game

Our living expenses are pretty low. This is because we live in Romania and are currently living rent-free with Mr W’s parents (don’t ask,
long story, not ideal, temporary situation).

The aim of this challenge isn’t to show off about how low our expenses are, or to test the limits of how far we can deprive ourselves and our kids without actually cracking. We’re not looking to compare ourselves to others and make fun of what other people spend their money on.

Our aim is to expose ourselves to proper scrutiny. To lay our expenses bare and force ourselves to reflect on every single expense and whether it was worth it.

Follow Our Progress

We won’t bore you with daily updates on social media this time since this challenge is less visual than our previous one. Instead we’ll post weekly updates of our spending on facebook and twitter with some reflections on whether the spending was worth it, and we’ll invite your comments / judgments / criticisms. In short, it’s time to get out of our comfort zone and see what you can throw at us!

Why Not Join Us?

If there are any brave souls out there who want to join us in this crazy experiment, feel free to post your spending on facebook or twitter using the hashtag #frugalfebruary.

See you on the other side!

PS. We welcome your suggestions for future challenges – the crazier, the better.

PPS. For some reason, Mr W insisted on his lego figure carrying a pink shopping basket in one hand and a full wine glass in the other. Don’t ask…