FIWE 2020 Timișoara – Apply Now!

FIWE 2020 Timișoara

FIWE Is Back – This Time with a Twist

We’re excited to announce that FIWE will be happening again in 2020, and that applications have opened!

This year things will be a bit different, so we thought we’d write a post to explain the changes.

Loads of People Want to Come to FIWE

One major thing we learned from FIWE 2019 was that demand in Europe for this type of event is way higher than we can supply for ourselves. Last year we were taken aback by the number of applications we received and our solution was to hold a much bigger event than we’d originally planned, with 42 participants instead of the usual 25.

While we’re glad we tried that solution, we’ve decided that we prefer holding smaller events because we get more time to talk to everyone individually and it’s way easier to plan the logistics for a small group.

So if we want to keep our events small but also cater to the increased demand we basically have two choices: run several smaller events throughout the year, or force strongly encourage other people to organise similar events.

Since organising FIWE is a lot of work and we have small kids, the first option is out for us. We’re happy to organise one event a year for 25 people, and also FIWE Family in the summer at Lake Balaton for families with kids. But that’s our limit. We just wouldn’t be able to organise any more than that.

Solution: Hold More Events

So that leaves us with the second option: get other people to organise similar events to cater to the increased demand. The first such event was FIRE in Madrid, which took place in October 2019 and was organised by two FIWE 2019 participants. We attended as participants and it was lovely not to have to organise anything or worry about logistics!

We’re happy to announce that the Madrid event will be happening again this year, probably in autumn. We’re really grateful to the guys who organise that event. If you can’t make it to FIWE 2020 Timișoara, watch out for information about FIWE 2020 Madrid later in the year.

One of our FIREhub co-founders is also trying to put together a FIWE event in Austria or Slovenia in the summer. This could also be an option for you if you can’t make it to the other events.

The idea is to give you guys more options – more events at different times throughout the year in different locations throughout Europe. We hope that this way, you’ll be able to find an event that suits you so you can meet other FIRE enthusiasts to inspire and be inspired.

You can also check out Cheesy Finance’s Castle on FIRE event in France in May.

Why Not Organise Your Own FIWE?

We know it sounds daunting to organise your own FIWE event. It’s a lot of work. But we’re creating a blueprint to make it easier for people to organise their own FIWE event. We have some introductory material about the basic values of FIWE, a step-by-step guide to all the things you have to think about, and a package of template e-mails and documents you can use to make the whole thing easier. If you’d like more information feel free to contact us – we’d be happy to talk to you about creating another FIWE event.

FIWE Is Moving Under the FIREhub Umbrella

For a while now over at FIREhub we’ve been thinking about holding our own events, both bigger FIWE-style conferences and smaller local meetups. Since the whole point of FIREhub is to have a central place for all things FI in Europe, it makes sense to run the events under the FIREhub umbrella. That explains the FIREhub branding on FIWE 2020 Timișoara.

The First Themed FIWE

We’ve been thinking about having themed FIWE events for a while now, and this year we’re finally doing it. We chose three hashtags for FIWE 2020 Timișoara: #FIforimpact, #liveFIbeforeFI, and #whyFI. We feel that these are incredibly important topics that don’t get enough exposure in the FIRE community.

It’s easy to get caught up in the financial side of things and lose sight of why you want to be FI in the first place. There’s the temptation to put your life on hold and throw everything at reaching your magic FI number rather than working out how you can make small changes to your life now to make yourself happier.

Sébastien Aguilar from Impactivated argues that FI is a superpower that we can use to make the world a better place. We couldn’t agree more and we through it’d be interesting to explore the topic further.

Apply Now – We’re Excited to Hear from You!

So FIWE 2020 Timișoara is for people who want to change the world or a small bit of it, or who are really thinking seriously about what they want to do with their lives after FI. The deadline for applications is February 29th. You can find full details here. We can’t wait to exchange ideas with you!