FIWE 2016

fiwe 2016

The very first Financial Independence Week Europe was held in Budapest in July 2016. Here’s the post that started it all.


We wanted to get a small group of European FI bloggers together to:

  • Get to know each other
  • Brainstorm about what a larger FIWE event could look like from 2017 onwards
  • See who wants to get involved in organising it and how
  • Eat ourselves through the city
  • Generally have great time with no fixed agenda


Accommodation: We picked a spot in central Budapest and all participants made their own accommodation arrangements in the area (Airbnbs and youth hostels). During the day we hung out in local cafés and restaurants and walked through the city.

Costs: FIWE is totally non-commercial. We organised it for fun and we didn’t want to make any money out of it. Everybody paid for their own accommodation, food, drinks etc.


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