FIWE 2019

***The deadline for applications has passed and the event is fully booked twice over. Please don’t send us any more applications!***

What is FIWE?

FIWE stands for Financial Independence Week Europe (pronounced “five”). It’s a meeting of like-minded people who are interested in financial independence, lifestyle design, minimalism and mindfulness. It’s a way to bring people together to exchange ideas and experiences in a relaxed, easygoing setting. Often people whose interests lie in these kinds of areas have trouble finding like-minded people to talk to in their immediate environment, so the idea of FIWE is to build connections between people who think differently to the mainstream and to build up a pan-European community.

The main conference will take place in Budapest over two days and will include presentations, workshops, discussion sessions and of course lots of free time for informal discussions.

Mustachian Selfie at FIWE 2017

What is FIWE Extra?

Epic vegan gluten-free BBQ at FIWE Extra 2017 (with optional sausages)

FIWE Extra is an extension of FIWE during which we will spend a few more days hanging out together in an even more informal setting.

While the event will also be based in Budapest like the weekend conference, we will be organising some day trips to more rural settings and will actively be seeking out the natural spaces Budapest has to offer to balance out the hustle and bustle of a weekend in the big city.

There won’t be any formal presentations, just lots of time to talk and exchange ideas and visions for the future. In our experience the formal conference is so crammed full of information and inspiration that people need a few days to digest it all and dig deeper, and that’s when the really interesting conversations happen.

A new feature we’re adding this year is that we want to spend some time during FIWE Extra giving back to the local community. This could take the form of collecting rubbish or volunteering for a few hours at a local social project. Again, we’re still working out the details but be prepared to get your hands dirty!

When and Where Is It Happening?

Hungary Map exp

The main conference will be happening in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and will run from the evening of Thursday, 2nd May until the evening of Saturday, 4th May.

Afterwards those participants who are particularly enthusiastic have the option of staying on for a few more days to take part in FIWE Extra. This event will also be based in Budapest and will run from the morning of Sunday, 5th May until the evening of Wednesday, 8th May.

If you’d like to participate, just apply with a short video by the 31st of January 2019. See details below.