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Lifestyle experiments are cool. There are loads of people out there doing crazy, wonderful things just to show that anything is possible. Since we have two small kids who take up most of our time and who we don’t want to traumatize any more than we can help, unfortunately we can’t do lifestyle experiments on the scale of this guy. But that doesn’t give us an excuse to just sit about whining.

Starting in January 2019, each month we’re going to take on a new challenge that forces us out of our comfort zone. Hopefully we’ll learn something. Maybe you’ll even learn something by watching us try to get through the month. Who knows? It’s worth a try.

Mrs W came up with the idea for our first monthly challenge all by herself *pats self smugly on the back*. But in future we’d like you, our trusty readers, to send us suggestions for what you think we should try. Your ideas can be as whacky as you like. But it must be stuff we can do from our home in Romania without running the risk of going to jail or having our kids taken away by social services.

Go on. Be creative. We dare you.

We’ll announce each new challenge in a post on the first of the month, and you’ll be able to follow along on our progress on facebook and twitter. At the end of the month we’ll post a summary of the challenge on the blog as well.

You’re also welcome to join in with our challenges and post about your own progress on social media. We’ll announce a hashtag you can use in your posts when we announce each new challenge.

Let’s get started!

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