What’s Next?

What’s next on our journey to zero waste?  As I’ve said elsewhere, the journey is made up of hundreds of little baby steps. It’s more motivating to focus on the next few baby steps than on the end goal. That just gets overwhelming. So here are the things that have been on my mind recently that we need to change:

  • Hair conditioner/detangler: I badly need to find a good recipe for this since I didn’t like the bar conditioner I tried. It’s all used up now anyway. I need to find a recipe that’s easy and uses ingredients I can readily find here in Romania.
  • Washing up liquid: We’re going to run out of washing up liquid soon. I need to find a recipe and make my own before that happens.
  • Survey our food: Food packaging is our biggest source of plastic waste. It’s also one of the most difficult to avoid since practically everything comes in some kind of plastic packaging. We already stopped buying packaged fruit and vegetables but there’s so much else we buy in unnecessary packaging. I’m going to look through our fridge and pantry and list the staple foods we buy all the time. Then I’ll make a list of which of them are already zero waste and which ones we need to reconsider. Switching these to zero waste as far as possible will have a far bigger impact than focusing on one-off purchases for now.